Whiteside County Health Department's Women's Health Programs

The Whiteside County Health Department is able to provide programs which enable women to receive women’s health care services at a reduced cost or no charge.  These programs have eligibility requirements which are explained below.
  If you are need of women’s health care such as a Pap or mammogram check below to see which program you qualify for.
  There are some exceptions to the eligibility criteria so if you are in need but think you may not qualify call the Health Department at 815-626-2230, ext. 1235, and ask for Evette to discuss your needs.


FAMILY PLANNING PROGRAM:  This program is designed for all women of child bearing age.  The Family Planning Program provides confidential services including a comprehensive exam with a Pap smear and STD testing as needed.  In addition, women may receive contraceptives to enable them to plan when they want their next baby. 

Several types of birth control are offered to meet the needs of different lifestyles.  Methods of birth control available include the pill, Depo injection, NuvaRing, Evra patch, Implanon, spermacides and condoms.  In addition, women may receive the morning after pill also known as Plan B.  Pregnancy testing and counseling is another service provided through the Family Planning Program.   

There are no income guidelines for the Family Planning Program.  Women are placed on a sliding scale fee according to their income and family size.  The billing department provides billing to insurance companies including Medicaid and Medicare.

For an appointment call 815-626-2230 and ask to schedule an appointment in Family Planning.

ILLINOIS BREAST & CERVICAL CANCER PROGRAM:  This program is designed for women ages 35-64 and provides a women’s health exam with a Pap smear and an annual mammogram for women 40 years and over.  In addition, IBCCP provides diagnostic services for women with identified problems of the breast or cervix.  There are no income guidelines for this program.  This program uses vouchers and you must be enrolled prior to services before a voucher can be issued. 

To enroll in IBCCP, call 815-626-2230, ext. 1219 and ask for Esther. 

Copies of the IBCCP brochure can be viewed here in English and Spanish.

KOMEN VOUCHERS: The Susan G. Komen for the Cure-Quad Cities Affiliate provides mammograms and breast ultrasounds as needed to women living in the service area which includes Whiteside County. These vouchers are issued through the Family Planning Program and the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program.

APPLICATION for HEALTH BENEFITS for PERSONS with BREAST or CERVICAL CANCER:  Women without insurance that have been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer can apply for an Illinois Health Benefits card (Medicaid) to help cover the cost of medical care.  This application can be completed at the Whiteside County Health Department by contacting Evette at 815-626-2230, ext. 1235.

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